Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pdfcrowd?

Pdfcrowd is an online service that lets you create PDF from HTML. You can convert web pages, upload and convert your HTML files, or convert raw HTML code.

What HTML/CSS level do you support?

Pdfcrowd is built around Webkit. Webkit is an open source HTML layout engine used in several popular browsers and ensures full HTML/CSS2 support.

Can you convert any web page or are there any limitations?

We can't convert frameset documents, Flash and pages using a server-side session to identify the user, such as your web mailbox. We do support web pages protected by basic authentication though.

Is it free?

With the exception of the API, creating PDFs using the default settings is free and you don't need an account. If you want to customize created PDFs beyond the defaults you can sign up for a paid account.

I have a blog and would like my visitors to be able to download my web pages in PDF?

It is simple, just add a simple Save to PDF link on your web site.

I would like to use the API in my application, which languages do you support?

The API is available on any platform that supports HTTP. You can use either the REST API directly or use any of our API libraries. We support PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and .NET.

Paid Accounts

What is the difference between the Domain and Browser License?

The Domain License removes Pdfcrowd logo from PDFs created through the Save to PDF link. The Browser License lets you create customized PDFs online using the conversion forms on our web site or with the Save as PDF add-on.

Can I use the API when I buy a Domain or Browser License?

No, neither of them covers access to the API. To use the API, please select from these options.

Where can I ask further questions?

Please feel free to ask anything in our forums or write us an email.