Conversions in Browser

Pdfcrowd provides the online conversion form and the browser add-on that you can use to convert web pages and HTML documents in your browser.

You can use these tools for free, you don't need a Pdfcrowd account. However, if you are a power user and want to customize PDFs beyond the defaults you might consider obtaining the Browser License.

Conversion Form

You can upload an HTML file, or a zip, tar.gz, or tar.bz2 archive. The archive can contain external files like images, stylesheets and scripts.

The online conversion form can create PDF and screenshots from:

If you have the Browser License, you can customize the conversion settings.

Save as PDF Browser Add-on

The Save as PDF browser add-on enables you to save web pages to PDF in one click. You can download the official add-on here:

Open the web page you want to convert to PDF in the browser and click the Pdfcrowd toolbar icon. The icon starts animating which indicates that the conversion is in process. If the conversion succeeds, the resulting PDF is downloaded to your computer.

The Save as PDF toolbar icon is updated after each conversion:

  • The red dot indicates that the default settings were used for the conversion because you are not logged in at the Pdfcrowd web site or your Browser License is not active.
  • The red rectangle indicates an error. Hover your mouse over the icon and the tooltip will contain the error message.

If you want to customize your PDFs:

You must stay logged in at or your custom settings won't take effect.


Pdfcrowd does not support:

  • Password protected web pages.
  • Web pages whose contents depends on cookies, server-side or client-side session.
  • Local changes made to a web page.
  • Frameset web pages.
  • Flash and videos.

For instance converting a password protected web page (e.g. your web mailbox) will typically result into a PDF that contains a login page.

Please note that PDF is not created on your computer but on Pdfcrowd servers. When you click the Save as PDF icon, the add-on sends the web page address to the Pdfcrowd service. The service downloads and converts the web page to PDF but it does not know about your local settings, cookies, or other installed add-ons so the created PDF might look different to what you see in your browser.