Create PDF from web pages and HTML files in your applications.


Creating PDF from HTML is a complex and resource-intensive task. The Pdfcrowd API provides this functionality as a service that runs in the cloud. All you need on your end is our lightweight client library that doesn't put any load on your system and that allows easy communication with the API. Alternatively, you can communicate with the API directly over HTTP.

The service internally uses a real web browser to render HTML, which ensures high fidelity output. The API offers a wide range of configuration options for customizing PDF generation down to the smallest detail.


  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support
  • Convert a local HTML file or a public web page
  • Page size and layout customization
  • Headers and footers with page numbering
  • Fillable PDF forms and digital signatures
  • Page break control - force or avoid
  • Hide or remove parts of the contents
  • Convert only selected part of contents
  • Custom JavaScript on-the-fly injection
  • Screen and print @media queries
  • Session-based and HTTP Basic authentication
  • Data templates - json, xml, csv, yaml
  • Custom CSS styling for PDF output
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Background and foreground watermarks
  • Readability preprocessing to remove clutter
  • PDF password protection and metadata
  • Convert the mobile or desktop web page version

Integration Examples

We provide API client libraries for many programming languages. Integration takes just a couple of minutes and a few lines of code.

Code Generator

Our API Playground allows to interactively explore the API settings, preview the generated output documents and autogenerate the corresponding integration code. Try it out using the links below.