What Our Customers Say

Eyecone uses Pdfcrowd in their Blastmedia Manager solution:

"Pdfcrowd is used in our CMS in order to generate video shotlist PDF. It saved us hours of development by providing a very stable and reliable solution for PDF rendering thanks to the great API."

Pierre-Vincent Ledoux, Eyecone

"Our application, eCompli, automates Federal and State compliance for the alcoholic beverages industry. We are using Pdfcrowd to convert documents to PDF when they are supplied by the government in HTML form, such as by the TTB."

Dave Lewicki, Compli Inc.

Assembly & Installation Services

"We generate sales orders all day long and sending invoices to our customers as an HTML document had many issues for us with regards to printing, page size, page boundaries and not too mention the risk of tampering as it is a legally binding document."

"Pdfcrowd allowed us to resolve all these issues by converting all invoices to PDF's prior to being automatically emailed to each customer when an invoice is generated."

Shannon Whitty, Accompli Pty Ltd

Populaer AG offers an all-embracing, web-based management tool for car shops.

"The Pdfcrowd service is used if someone wants to print-out or download something like the daily term structure. It's a very lucky solution for us, because the browsers are just not able to print-out a pretty HTML page. Also we cannot offer an HTML file if someone wants to download a page."

Matthias Isler, Populaer AG

"We use the API to generate customer invoices which we email as PDF attachments straight from our web applications. It's great not having to worry about creating 2 types of invoices, but simply converting our existing HTML ones to PDF automatically."

Louis Plett, Klassen Computer Connections

"We are happy to have found your HTML to PDF API. We used to generate our own PDF's using dompdf but constantly ran into memory/performance issues. Thank you for such a great service. Our thousands of customers certainly appreciate it."

Blake Acheson, My SEO Tool

Traffic LIVE uses Pdfcrowd

"Pdfcrowd made integrating PDF outputs into Traffic LIVE simple quick and economic. Our clients use it to create hundreds of quotes, purchase orders and invoices every day. The system works, is well priced and enabled us to add functionality in a day that would otherwise have taken a few weeks."

Jeremy Rudge, Director Sohnar Ltd

"Being a global stock footage, stock animation and after effects templates site, we needed an API based solution to generate customer receipts in multiple languages such as German, Japanese and Chinese. Pdfcrowd does this exceptionally well, whilst maintaining all the css formatting perfectly."

Mark Sun, MotionElements