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The Pdfcrowd API is a cloud-based service that allows to convert between HTML, PDF and image formats. The API is fast, reliable and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for developers looking to add conversion capabilities to their applications. We provide client libraries for many programming languages, so you can easily integrate our API into your existing workflows.

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WordPress Plugins

The Pdfcrowd WordPress plugins make it easy to convert your website content into PDF or send it via email. With no technical knowledge required, our plugins automatically add a 'Save as PDF' button to your website. Visitors can simply click the button to download your content as a PDF, without leaving the page. In addition to PDF, we also support converting your content to various image formats.

Online Tools

Our browser-based conversion tools make it easy to convert and manipulate documents right from your web browser. With our inline tools, you can quickly and easily capture screenshots of web pages or convert them to PDF, combine multiple files into a single PDF, extract or delete pages from PDFs, and more.

Save to PDF Link

The Save to PDF Link is a feature that allows visitors to your website to easily save web pages to PDF. With just a short HTML code, you can add a 'Save to PDF' button or link to your web pages, making it simple for users to convert your content without leaving the page. The Save to PDF Link does not require any server-side integration, just copy and paste the code into your web pages.