How to resolve plugin license errors

If the Pdfcrowd WordPress plugin generates a license-related error, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  • Error 401 - Authentication credentials were not provided, or the API license is not active.
    This error typically occurs when credentials are incorrect or incomplete, or if no active license is linked to your account.
    1. Confirm that your license is active in your Pdfcrowd account dashboard.
    2. If you do not have an active license, purchase a new license.
    3. Double-check that your credentials are correctly entered under the "License" tab in the plugin settings.
  • Error 403 - The API service is suspended or there are no credits left.
    This error indicates that the license may have been canceled, the allotted conversion credits have been used up, or there was a problem with the credit card on file during the last renewal.
    1. To check the current status of your license, visit your Pdfcrowd account dashboard.
    2. If there is no active license, you can reinstate it.
    3. If your usage exceeds the limits of your current plan, consider upgrading your license.
  • Error 432 - The limit for the demo license has been exceeded. Use your personal Pdfcrowd API credentials.
    This message appears when the conversion limit of the free demo license is reached. To continue using the plugin:
    1. Please consider purchasing an API license.
    2. Enter your credentials in the "License" tab of the plugin settings.

If you continue to see an error message in your WordPress plugin dashboard after these steps, attempt at least one conversion. The message will disappear if the issue has been successfully resolved.