What's new in the API v2?

  • The API implements the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript specifications.
  • We added new converters that can convert between HTML, PDF and various image formats
  • The API is highly available with automatic capacity scaling. It is hosted in the Google Cloud Platform.
  • New HTML to PDF features:
    • Linearized PDFs for fast web view.
    • Post-load DOM manipulation via custom JavaScript (remove, add and modify elements).
    • A new option to specify a delay to wait before printing if the page loads dynamic content.
    • A new option to send session specific information via cookies.
    • A new option to print only a part of HTML content.
    • Multi-page watermarks and backgrounds to allow filling in scanned PDF forms.
    • Detailed conversion logs that can help with troubleshooting.
    • Intuitive HTML zoom.
  • The API solves many issues the current HTML to PDF converter had:
    • Modern JavaScript charting libraries (Google Charts, Highcharts, etc.)
    • Improved remote font support (Google Fonts, Typekit, etc.)
    • CJK languages and complex scripts (Arabic alphabet, Brahmic scripts).
    • Repeating <thead>, paletted PNG, inline SVG and many more.

Category: Migration from Legacy API v1
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