PDFCrowd API Versioning

There are two major API versions: v1 and v2. Each includes converters, such as the HTML to PDF API, which are also versioned. Additionally, we provide versioned integrations such as API client libraries for various programming and WordPress plugins.

API Major Versions

API v2 The current major PDFCrowd API version. New features and updates go here. getVersion() provides a detailed information about the version you are currently using.
API v1 The original PDFCrowd API version. It is not available to new accounts. Frozen


Generally, different converter versions are not compatible and may produce different results. The newer versions should provide better support for the latest technologies.

Version 24.04 Currently in beta; available in API v2.
Version 20.10 Receives new features and updates; available in API v2.
Version 18.10 Available in API v2. Frozen
Version 08.10 Available in API v1. Frozen

API Client Libraries

The version number consists of three parts: "major.minor.patch". The patch number is incremented for minor changes and bug fixes which do not change the API. The minor version is incremented for releases which add new, but backward-compatible, API features. The major version is incremented for API changes which are not fully backward-compatible.

Each API client library version is linked to a particular converter version. This can be explicitly overridden with the setConverterVersion() method.

Version >= 5.19.0 Converter: 20.10 (default), 24.04 beta, 18.10
Version >= 5.0.0 and < 5.19.0 Converter: 20.10 (default), 18.10
Version >= 4.0.0 and < 5.0.0 Converter: 18.10
Version < 4.0.0 Converter: 08.10

WordPress Plugins

The plugin versioning adheres to the 'major.minor.patch' format, consistent with the API client libraries.

Version >= 3.4.0 Converters: 20.10 (default), 24.04 beta, 18.10
Version >= 2.0.0 and < 3.4.0 Converters: 20.10 (default), 18.10
Version < 2.0.0 Converter: 18.10