API Status Codes

This is a list of HTTP status codes returned from the API. If you use an API client library, refer to the error handling section of the particular client library documentation to learn how to receive the status code.

If you are troubleshooting an issue, you can enable logging of conversion details with the setDebugLog() API method. When enabled, the logs are available in your conversion log.

Code Message Description
200 OK The API call has succeeded.
400 Bad Request The client sent an invalid request.
401 Unauthorized Authentication credentials were not provided or the API license is not active.
403 Service Suspended The API service is suspended or there are no credits left.
405 Method Not Allowed The method specified in the request is not allowed. The request method must be POST.
413 Request Entity Too Large

The upload size limit is 300MB.

You can zip uploaded HTML to avoid this error.

429 Too Many Requests

The client has sent too many requests within a certain timeframe (rate limiting).

Upgrade to a higher Pdfcrowd API plan to avoid this error.

430 Too Many Concurrent Requests

The client has sent too many concurrent requests at a time.

Upgrade to a higher Pdfcrowd API plan to avoid this error.

432 Demo Limit Exceeded

The limit for the demo license has been exceeded.

Use your personal Pdfcrowd API credentials.

452 No Input Specified There is no input specified to be converted.
453 Unknown Conversion Option Unknown conversion option. See details in the HTTP response body.
454 Too Complex Input The input is too complex or large. It can not be converted. Try to simplify the input data.
455 Conversion System Error The conversion can not be completed due to a system error.
456 Wrong Input File The input file is not specified correctly. Multipart/form-data is required for file upload.
457 Unknown File Type The type of the input file is unknown. The file has no extension.
458 Conversion Time Exceeded

The request was aborted because it took a long time.

The typical cause of this error is too many images in an HTML page that take too long to download. Another cause might be a long running JavaScript.

Try to simplify your input data or speed up the page load time.

459 Bad Archive The uploaded archive can not be processed. It is too large, corrupted or contains symbolic links.
470 Invalid Value A conversion option is set to an invalid value.
471 Navigation Failed The input URL can not be loaded.
472 Too Many Subrequests Exceeded the maximum number of subrequests during the conversion.
473 Main Frame Error The main frame failed with HTTP code >= 400.
474 URL Load Error One or more subrequests failed with HTTP code >= 400 or some subrequests are still pending. See details in the debug log.
475 Custom JavaScript Time Exceeded The request was aborted because the custom JavaScript took a long time.
476 Element Not Found The element specified for printing or waiting for was not found in the input document.
477 Unsupported Document Type The input document type is unknown or not supported. For example, the HTML content type should be text/html.
478 Hostname Not Resolved The URL hostname could not be resolved.
479 Invalid URL The URL is invalid.
480 Invalid SSL Certificate The converter could not establish an HTTPS connection because of an invalid SSL certificate.
481 SSL Error

There was a problem connecting to Pdfcrowd servers over HTTPS. This could be caused by several reasons, one of them is that your local CA certificate store is out of date or not configured correctly.

An alternative is to use the API over HTTP. The HTTP mode can be enabled by the setUseHttp method.

482 Input Data Error The input template or data is invalid.
483 Password Protected Input The input is password protected. Provide a valid password.
484 Unsupported Input Feature The input contains an unsupported feature, typically a font type.
485 OnLoad JavaScript Error An error occurred while executing the OnLoad JavaScript. See details in the debug log.
503 Service Unavailable The 503 status code indicates a temporary network issue. Try the request again.