Pdfcrowd WordPress Plugins


The plugins put a "Save as PDF" or "Save as Image" button in your web pages. The button enables to save the current web page (the default), or only a part of the page or an arbitrary web page in one click.

The plugins use the Pdfcrowd API conversion service.



The plugins do not require any registrations. They are fully functional, the free version just adds a watermark over the content.

If you want to remove the watermark, you can buy our GDPR compliant API license.

A single API license can be used for both our plugins on multiple WordPress websites. Moreover, the API license enables you to use our conversion API directly.


The plugins can be customized on the plugin Settings page. Each option has an equivalent parameter for shortcodes and functions.

You can:
  • customize the button style, text and icon
  • choose between the "screen" and "print" layout (CSS @media)
  • add headers and footers
  • specify the output size and margins
  • and many more ...


The shortcodes put a conversion button in the web page.

  • Save as PDF by Pdfcrowd plugin
    • [save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd] - A button that downloads the page as PDF.
    • [block_save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd] - A button that downloads the enclosed code block as PDF.
  • Save as PDF by Pdfcrowd plugin
    • [save_as_image_pdfcrowd] - A button that downloads the page as an image.
    • [block_save_as_image_pdfcrowd] - A button that downloads the enclosed code block as an image.

The following examples show how to use the shortcodes and override the default settings defined in the plugin admin page.

<h3>Save the print version of the page</h3>

The button is put in the middle
[save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd \
    output_name='inline.pdf' \
    button_text='Save printable version to PDF']
of this sentence.

<h3>Save the screen version of the page</h3>

[save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd \
    output_name='browser.pdf' \
    button_text='Save browser page to PDF' \

<h3>Save only a code block</h3>

[block_save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd \
    output_name='just_div.pdf' \
    button_text='Save just a part of the page' \
    page_size='letter' \
    button_background_color='green' \
<div class="invoice">
 Save this div and its descendants only.

<h3>Convert any web page</h3>

[save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd \
    url='https://wikipedia.org' \
    output_name='wikipedia.pdf' \
    button_text='Save Wikipedia as PDF']


The conversion button can be created directly from your PHP code with our helper functions:

  • create_save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd_button()
  • create_save_as_image_pdfcrowd_button()
These functions can be parametrized by the plugin settings. An example:

<?php echo create_save_as_pdf_pdfcrowd_button(page_size='Letter', button_text='Save as Letter'); ?>