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Introducing Our New API 24.04 Beta

We are pleased to introduce the beta version of our new API 24.04. This release includes updated support for the latest web standards and numerous improvements to our HTML to PDF and Image APIs. We invite you to test the new features and share your feedback with us.


You may want to try out this new beta version if the current version does not provide optimal or correct output for your needs, or if you're just curious and want to try out our latest technology.

How to Enable the Beta Version

Enabling the beta version is easy, and you can switch between the beta and stable versions effortlessly.

API Clients

The beta is accessible via our API client libraries from version 5.19 onwards. To enable it, switch your converter to the 24.04 version using the following line of code:


Additionally, to ensure forward compatibility with future releases, we recommend implementing the following options in your API integrations:


If these methods are already part of your integration, no changes are necessary. The specific values passed are less important than the method calls themselves.


If you are accessing the API directly, you can reach the beta at the following endpoint:


Similarly, as with the API clients, for forward compatibility, we recommend explicitly using the following options, regardless of their specific values:


WordPress Plugins

The beta is also accessible in our WordPress plugins from version 3.4.0 onwards. To enable it, navigate to the Expert Settings tab in the API Client Options section and set the Converter Version to "24.04".

Additional Resources

For more detailed information on API versioning, please visit our API versioning page.

If you are still using our API v1, please check out our API v2 migration guide for detailed instructions on upgrading to the latest version.