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A digital signature is a piece of information placed in a PDF document that makes it possible to verify the authenticity of the document. The Pdfcrowd API allows you to programmatically create PDFs containing a digital signature field. Such PDFs can be digitally signed in, for example, Adobe Reader or Preview.

This feature is available starting with Pdfcrowd API client libraries version 5.0.

Quick Start

To add a signature field to a document, set the pdfcrowd-signature class on a DIV element and specify its dimensions.

<div class="pdfcrowd-signature" 
     style="width: 2in; height: 1in; border: 1pt solid black;">

Our HTML to PDF API will transform this element to a signature field in the resulting PDF.

Postman is a platform for using APIs. You can use it to interact with the Pdfcrowd API and convert between PDF, HTML and various image formats.

Let's first configure the API endpoint and the credentials. This configuration is common for all conversion types.

API endpoint - Select the HTTP POST method and enter the API endpoint: https://api.pdfcrowd.com/convert/

Postman - Pdfcrowd API endpoint

API credentials. The authorization method is Basic Auth. You can use either the demo credentials or your personal API credentials.

Pdfcrowd website has been restructured. Main changes:

API clients have been updated to version 5.2.2 and WordPress plugins to version 2.6.2 to reflect the changes in the API reference.