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This screencast will show you how to easily create a PDF document from a HTML file or a web page in PHP. You will also learn how to serve the PDF file from your PHP web application and download it in the browser.


  • HTML to PDF online tool:
    • Added more readability related options and better support for lazy loaded resources.
    • A new Save as PDF bookmarklet, see tutorial.
  • Minor documentation changes in the API clients and the WordPress plugins:
    • API clients updated to 5.6.2
    • WordPress updated to 2.9.4

HTML to Image:

  • Fixed an error when the JPEG output height exceeds the maximum allowed JPEG height.


  • Improved ability to convert large PDF files.
  • Introduced a new error code 484, which is returned in case of an unsupported PDF feature, typically a font type.

The Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF API makes it easy to programmatically create fillable PDF forms from standard HTML forms. The API supports most of the HTML form features and, together with support for digital signatures (see Create Digital Signature in PDF), provides an easy way to create PDF forms.

This feature is available starting with Pdfcrowd API client libraries version 5.6.

Simple Example

Add an HTML form field, for example a text input:

<p>Enter name: <input type="text"></p>

Enable generation of fillable PDF forms with the setEnablePdfForms() method:


The resulting PDF will display an interactive input text field.

See: Example PDF, HTML and Code