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Pdfcrowd API v2 is out of Beta

After 8 months in Beta, the new Pdfcrowd API is ready for your production workloads. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

The API v2 brings a lot of improvements and solves many issues present in the API v1. It introduces minor backward incompatible changes but the migration from the API v1 should be straightforward.

The API v1 will continue to work for accounts that were opened before introducing the API v2. However, it will no longer receive any updates.

What's new in the API v2?

  • Faithful conversions. The API implements the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript specifications.
  • No downtime. The API is highly available with automatic capacity scaling and failover. It is hosted in the Google Cloud Platform.
  • In addition to HTML to PDF, the new API enables these conversions:
    • HTML to Image
    • PDF to PDF
    • Image to PDF
    • Image to Image
  • New features:
    • Linearized PDFs for fast web view.
    • Post-load DOM manipulation via custom JavaScript (remove, add and modify elements).
    • An option to specify a delay to wait before printing if the page loads dynamic content.
    • An option to send session specific information via cookies.
    • An option to print only a part of the HTML document.
    • Multi-page watermarks and backgrounds to allow to fill in scanned PDF forms.
    • Intuitive HTML zoom.
    • Detailed conversion logs that can help with conversion troubleshooting.
    • Exportable conversion statistics.
    • Concurrent conversions.
    • Support for modern JavaScript charting libraries (Google Charts, Highcharts, etc.)
    • Improved remote font support (Google Fonts, Typekit, etc.)
    • CJK languages and complex scripts (Arabic alphabet, Brahmic scripts).