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Header and footer different margins

capp2 wrote on 2012-06-19:
I have a page in which I would like to add header and footer. The footer is 200px high, and the footer only 30px high. I understand that I need to set the vertical margins. How can I set the vertical margin so that the header margin is different from the footer margin?
support wrote on 2012-06-20:
This is not possible at the moment. We will be considering adding this feature to our future releases.
ryanmitchell wrote on 2013-04-16:
Any further update on this? It would be really useful for a product we are on the verge of launching.
support wrote on 2013-04-17:
This is already implemented.
ryanmitchell wrote on 2013-04-17:
Fantastic - sorry I didnt look in the updates forum.