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Tooltips (title attributes)

chrissigler wrote on 2011-09-20:
It would be great if title attributes set tooltips within the PDF (like demonstrated here).

So if I have...

<span title="Tooltip text is cool">Hover Over Me</span> a browser, it displays "Hover Over Me" and, when you set your mouse over that text (in most browsers) a moment later it displays "Tooltip text is cool".

This also appears to be possible in PDFs per the InDesign example above (PDF demo), so it would be great if this translated in Pdfcrowd similarly.

This along with local links are the two things that keep me from considering this the perfect utility for my needs.
support wrote on 2011-09-22:
Hi, thanks for the feedback. We will look into it.
support wrote on 2011-11-01:
Local links are supported now.