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How to make local links?

KAFLAN wrote on 2011-05-12:

So i need to make actions like in html:
<a href="#localLink">Click Me To Scroll To Local Link</a>
<a name="localLink"></a>

How can i do this with pdfcrowd?
support wrote on 2011-05-12:
Local links are not supported at the moment, sorry.
wp4nuv wrote on 2011-09-08:
Is this feature being considered for the future?
support wrote on 2011-09-09:
Yes, it is on our todo list.
erksmaas wrote on 2011-10-02:
I think the product is great. Just wanted to add input that this feature would be very useful for us as well.

support wrote on 2011-11-01:
Local links are supported now.
romain wrote on 2015-07-09:
Hi Support,

I've tried to have my local links working in the PDF but it's not because <a href="#localLink"> gets rewritten to <a href="">.

The anchor works like that on the browser but when I export the HTML to PDFCrowd, the a tag tries to redirect to the website instead of scrolling to the corresponding anchor in the PDF file.

How can I fix this ?

romain wrote on 2015-07-10:
Hi Again Support,

To fix the problem, I had to remove the base tag. Of course, I had to make sure the files and images were using the full URL.

Tiffansy wrote on 2017-11-16:
Local links are not supported at the moment, sorry.
support wrote on 2017-11-16:

Could you please try the new version of our API to see if it resolves your issue? Local links are supported.

You can activate access to the new API here:

You need to install the latest API client library:

Update your code according to the new documentation: