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Need unlimited development license as part of licensing

leapsys wrote on 2020-02-07:
I've been working on upgrading our PDF generation from the v1 API to the v2 API. In doing this I've been using the Playground license, so I don't use up all our production credits, since there have been issues. Now I'm locked out of the Playground. You desperately need a development capability which doesn't affect the normal license credits so we're not using up those credits during development. Adding watermarks and other markup is fine as long as it doesn't affect the layout as compared to the production license. In that regard, the Playground demo license was working great for this, until it suspended me from using it.
support wrote on 2020-02-07:

You may use the API license credits in the Playground by enabling "Use my API credentials" in Playground Settings.
If you don't have any API v2 license, activate the trial:
or write to for free testing credits.
leapsys wrote on 2020-02-07:
But that's my point. I don't want to use my API credits during development or with the Playground. I want to save those for the production/test environments. Most API vendors give developers a sandbox or development environment for testing during development which does not affect their paid-for license. That's what I am suggesting. You could watermark the documents, whitelist IPs, or use a reduced processing powered environment. Perhaps even allow us to request development API credentials which automatically expire after 30 or 60 days. In any event, the credits need to be unlimited. What I don't want is to have our developers get locked out (and production for that matter) in the middle of a dev cycle because we used up all our credits.
leapsys wrote on 2020-02-07:
I really want to keep using your product, but constantly asking for testing credits or activating trial licenses is not an efficient solution for us. It would be better for you to implement a test/dev/sandbox parameter which I can pass with my actual license which will return a watermarked PDF, but not count against my monthly credits. Is that something you could implement?
support wrote on 2020-02-10:
Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. We will consider it in future service updates.

For now, I have added 500 test credits to your account. Just enable the "Use my API credentials" option in the playground settings.