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Pass html to ActionMethod

anonymous wrote on 2014-04-15:
I want to send my html view to ActionMethod in Controller as parameter(ex. as String) and that view to convert to pdf,please help me Im using
support wrote on 2014-04-16:

If you need to convert an HTML string to PDF, you can use the following code which saves the result to MyDocument.pdf in the current working directory.
pdfcrowd.Client client = new pdfcrowd.Client("***", "***");

fileStream = new FileStream("MyDocument.pdf", FileMode.CreateNew);
client.convertHtml(htmlString, fileStream);
anonymous wrote on 2014-04-16:
is there any another way to pass html as string to controller I don't want to create file because some reasons,i pass html to controller but it's showing encoded symbols in page like in photo
support wrote on 2014-04-18:

You can use any System.IO.Stream based class instead of FileStream. If you want to write the generated PDF to System.Web.HttpResponse, please go to and scroll down to the example in the "HTML to PDF in ASP.NET - C#" section.