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Opening vs saving PDF web pages

johnny11024 wrote on 2013-12-09:
Situation With PDF enabled in Firefox 25.0.1: Everytime I click on an existing PDF link on a web page it doesn't open. Rather than openining, a Save As window opens. Most of the time I don't want to save the file, just view it. Is this related to PDF, and if so, is there a fix for this so the file opens first than I can save if I want to?
support wrote on 2013-12-10:

I'm unsure how this is related to Pdfcrowd but the behavior depends on the Content-Disposition HTTP header sent along with the file.

If the value of this header is "attachment" the browser will pop up the Save as dialog. If the value is "inline" the browser will try to open the file within the browser.