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use api directly from jquery ajax

ag04sq17 wrote on 2013-10-14:
I have an ASP.NET C# webpage page that gathers dynamic information (not server side) using jquery ajax on page load ( on document ready).
When these functions are complete and all html content is rendered and displayed, I would like to pass the finalized layout and html content to your api to generate a PDF.
Is there a way to pass the finalized dynamic html and send it to pdfcrowd api using jquery ajax?
Or is there another method i should be looking into?
Perhaps I HAVE to build the the content server side to get get an html string to pass to the API?

Thanks for you support.
support wrote on 2013-10-15:

It is not possible to call the API from ajax at the moment. A workaround is to have an application running on your server that passes the string to the API, stores the generated PDF on the server and returns the URL to ajax.