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Support for THEAD

dkaplan wrote on 2013-09-02:
It would be very helpful if you could support the THEAD feature for tables that repeats the heading row(s) on every page. This currently doesn't work and it is quite a limitation.
support wrote on 2013-09-03:

Thanks for the feedback. We can't promise that we implement your suggestion but we certainly consider anything that may improve our software.
tommcquarrie wrote on 2014-07-29:
+1 for this feature. Anything that brings PDFCrowd in line with what standard browser page printing is capable of is a welcome addition.
dab121 wrote on 2014-09-03:
This is a critical feature for us as well.
Anyone know a workaround? We need the THEAD to display on each page.
mangotonk wrote on 2014-09-19:
Webkit now supports repeated table headers & footers since v0.12.0, any view to upgrade your webkit version? (search for THEAD)

I was literally about to type in the credit card number until I saw this feature was missing.

A deal-breaker I'm afraid.
emillypaulinoz wrote on 2019-07-12:
Thank you for sharing ?. very useful information.
support wrote on 2019-07-12:
API v2 supports THEAD functionality fully.

You can activate API v2: