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Inserting Page Break in HTML

noeltulley wrote on 2013-07-26:
I want to use the online PDF creator to produce a PDF from an HTML document. The HTML will be uploaded to my server to allow use of pdfcrowd. The document will be over many pages and my intention is to create each section of the document as one HTML file. Within each section I would like to force a page break in the PDF at various points. Is this possible, maybe by inserting code into the HTML? I have tried, for example ...

<style type="text/css">
@media print
table {page-break-after:always}
support wrote on 2013-07-29:

Yes this is possible. If you use the "@media print" rule, you have to instruct Pdfcrowd to use it as it uses the screen media type by default.

Here is how:
- API: Use the usePrintMedia() API function..
- Save to PDF Link: Add "use_print_media=1" to the URL.
- Online conversion form: check the "Use the print version of the page if available" option.