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New European Cookies law breaks 'Save as PDF'

vikingv wrote on 2013-05-14:
Cookie Permission Requirement is a problem for saving a website with Save as PDF. I have attached a pic of the Save as PDF problem where access is denied. First, a response must be made to the cookie question Y/N.

The New European Cookie Laws are forcing many websites, including American ones, to ask for permission to use cookies. As you may know, many American and English speaking websites are international by nature and will ahve to comply.

Another point, I am logged in when I use Save as PDF, so I am assuming if the the cookie issue is resolved in some manner, Save as PDF will tehn capture the web page as a logged in event.
support wrote on 2013-05-15:
Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Save as PDF and there is no way to work around this at the moment.