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Issue with linking of a compressed css

ahsohnar wrote on 2012-06-27:

I'm having an issue with PDF conversion of HTML document that links an external css file. After some investigation I've found out that it occures when linked css is served compressed (Content-Encoding: gzip).

Attached are two example files. Both are linking two exactly same external css but the first one gets it from server that gzips css file for transfer whereas the second gets it in plain text. They both appear the same in a browser (tried with FF and Chrome) but after conversion to PDF only second one applies styles properly.

Is that a bug in PDFCrowd or am I just missing something? Any suggestion for a workaround?

Thanks for a reply.

Ales Havlik
support wrote on 2012-06-27:

thanks for reporting this. It seems that the yahoo server *always* sends a gzipped response regardless of the value of the Accept-Encoding header. We do not support "Content-Encoding: gzip" at the moment and that's why the styles are not applied.

We will investigate this further and come back to you.
support wrote on 2012-06-29:

the issue should be fixed, we support "Content-Encoding: gzip" now.
ahsohnar wrote on 2012-06-29:
That was quick!

Thanks a lot.