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Opacity is not working for creating multilayer canvas html to pdf

tcbaf1x1 wrote on 2012-06-26:
When i am trying to use one multilayer canvas having different background , the html to pdf converter not working properly even by using "opacity".

i have attached the pdf file in which i want the coloured background to be transparent so that the grid can be visible.
Is it possible to do so any way

support wrote on 2012-06-27:

please could you post the HTML document or a link to the web page the PDF file was generated from? We will look into it.
tcbaf1x1 wrote on 2012-07-04:
Sorry for not getting in touch for an accident ,but here is the url of which i want to have one pdf.
support wrote on 2012-07-06:

the converter does not support the opacity property on <canvas> at the moment, sorry.