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Blank PDF from simple page w/ JS

andywall wrote on 2012-06-04:
I made a page specifically for sending to PDFcrowd. It fills in client-side templates but this JS executes very fast, as you can see below.

All I'm getting is a blank PDF. What can I do to make the page load correctly?
support wrote on 2012-06-05:

I'm not getting a blank PDF but the content looks strange. I noticed that the page fails to load this .js file

Can you fix this and try again?
andywall wrote on 2012-06-07:

Sorry, I changed this page after posting the link here. Don't worry about that LESS error - it is related to a separate issue which I already posted separately and understand you can't support.

Actually the blank page problem seems to have resolved itself. I appreciate the attentive support! If I have further issues with Javascript on the page I will let you know.