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Further help needed…!

PeterVV wrote on 2012-05-26:

Thank you for your previous response. But I still must make a mistake somewhere?

I'm trying : C:\Program Files\curl\curl.exe -F "src=" -F "username=XXX" -F "key=XXX" > myvm.pdf
(obviously removed my login and password in this command lne?)

It then starts working for a while, but then I get an error curl 6 : could not resolve host : >; No data record of requested type? and no file is created nowhere!

What am I doing wrong?

If you need further explanation, I'm using 4D for my development. Thus, I'm using the 4D command "Launch external process", in which I must state the command I wish to execute. I cannot pass a .bat file there? Because the html2pdf.bat file you sent me works fine! That's why I don't see why the direct command should not work?

Thanks a lot in advance,

support wrote on 2012-05-28:

try to use the --output curl option instead of stdout redirection:
C:\Program Files\curl\curl.exe --output myvm.pdf -F "src=" -F "username=XXX" -F "key=XXX"

Does this work?