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Pdfcrowd and googlemap

Valtin wrote on 2012-05-14:

I have a printed page with several google maps.
All is ok except some background images not dowloaded.

Source :

It is possible to call a function to start generation of PDF when all background has dowloaded ? or other ?

Thank a lot for your job :-)
support wrote on 2012-05-15:

unlike the browser, we need to stop JavaScript at some point. We use some heuristics to decide when to abort JavaScript fired from onload. This mostly works, but if the code performs some I/O or if there is a delay in processing, it may sometimes happen that the script is aborted prematurely.

It often helps to do as much work as possible before the onload event (e.g. download all assets), but I'm not sure how much control do you have in this case.
Valtin wrote on 2012-05-15:

I will try to execute my code before the body onload but it not will be a good solution for all pages. I can have 3 google maps or 15. :-/
It's possible to creat an option in order to generate PDF begin when we call a JS function ? or to set a timeout after the body onload to generate PDF? :-)

Thank you

support wrote on 2012-05-16:
Valentin, unfortunately there is not such an option.
Valtin wrote on 2012-05-17:
Ok, thank you :-)