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Convert HTML to PDF Online creating blank page.

mikerudie wrote on 2012-04-24:
I'm trying to convert HTML to a PDF online, and do it to "One Long Page", but the output is a 1.3mb file that is completely blank.

If you use your mouse to try and select anything in the document, it appears that there is something there, but it's hidden behind a blank page?

Any thoughts on why it would output a blank page?
support wrote on 2012-04-24:
Please could you post the link to the page you are trying to convert? We will take a look at it.
mikerudie wrote on 2012-04-26:
Sure, here's a link that creates a blank page:
support wrote on 2012-04-26:
Thanks. We can reproduce the issue, Adobe Reader shows a blank page, Foxit Reader displays the generated PDF correctly.

We are going to investigate this further.
mikerudie wrote on 2012-04-27:
Never heard of Foxit Reader. Is that a free PDF reader?

Thank you for looking into this.
support wrote on 2012-04-27:
Yes it a free lightweight PDF reader available for Windows and Linux: