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images cuts off and page break not working... :(

asafche wrote on 2012-04-11:
i took this HTML (PasteBin) and pasted it in here.
the PDF looks good except that it cuts the images in to halfs.

tryed to put the <div style="page-break-before:always"></div> before the images that got cutoff and it didn't worked.

what can i do? thanks.
support wrote on 2012-04-12:

if your HTML layout contains float elements it may sometime happen that an element is split across two pages in the generated pdf. Unfortunately, this is limitation of the print algorithm we use.

Regarding the page-break-before css property, it is supported but it does not work when used in a table or inside a floating element or inside an element which is set to overflow:hidden.

Update (2012-05-20): page-break-before should work anywhere now.