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Left side of the page is being cut

anna wrote on 2012-03-13:
Hi PDFcrowd support.
I use your create PDF link on my website and had very good results.
I had created a new page with exact definitions and tried to use the same key, however, in this case the left side of the page is being cut off. Again, in any aspect of desining definition, there is no difference between both pages, but just the content output is a little different.
Any idea why its happening and what should I do in order to get that fixed?
The url that was converted in the attached example is

This is a link to the page creates a good PDF.

I will appreciate your prompt reply.

anna wrote on 2012-03-14:
please reply, this is A VERY urgent issue!!!!
support wrote on 2012-03-15:

I looked into this but unfortunately our "Save to PDF Link" product is not able to convert your page correctly.
anna wrote on 2012-03-20:
I dont understand your answer,
why it cannot convert correctly one page but not the other one? it is actually exact same pgae?!
support wrote on 2012-03-22:
The pages are not completely the same. There is something in the second page layout which causes that it is not printed correctly. Often, the culprit is a specific combination of css properties like positioning, float, overflow, size, ...