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Limits on Header HTML?

spivurno wrote on 2012-01-26:
Is there any limits to what HTML can be used with the setHeaderHTML() method? Here is an example of the code I am trying to use:

However, it turns up blank. I've verified that the URLs to the images I am linking to are correct. Any thoughts?
support wrote on 2012-01-27:
This should work.

Make sure that there is enough space for the header; use e.g.

If it still does not work, please post the full header html code (with $template_url expanded) and we will look into it.
spivurno wrote on 2012-01-27:
Hi there!

I had taken the vertical margin into account; however, I tried increasing the margin size more to fully test this out, even at 2 and 3in it is still not displaying. Here is the expanded HTML:

Thanks for your help!
support wrote on 2012-01-29:

for some (yet unknown) reason loading the images from fails. When the images are served from somewhere else the header shows up correctly:
$client->setHeaderHtml('<div id="header" style="background-image: url(; height: 105px; overflow:hidden;">
  <div id="globe" style="float: right;">
    <img src="" />

We will investigate this further but for now it seems the workaround is to move the images referred from header/footer code from dropbox to somewhere else.
spivurno wrote on 2012-02-01:
Thank you very much. That worked like a charm. :)