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All fonts in curves

silenzuhska wrote on 2012-01-25:

I'm planting to use pdfcrowd to generate PDF which will go to prating in print house and one of the technical requirements is that there can't be any fonts in PDFs. It there a property which can render all fonts as curves in resulting PDF?

Thank you for reply and for this great application. I already predict it will save my team weeks and weeks of figuring PDF generation libraries on RoR. You've a really useful service!

Alexander Polyakov
support wrote on 2012-01-26:
Hello Alexander,

there is no such option in the API, sorry.

There are javascript libraries (e.g. typeface.js) which are able to convert glyphs to outlines. I tested typeface.js a bit, however, text ends up as an image in the resulting PDF.
silenzuhska wrote on 2012-01-27:
Thank you for the reply. Guess I'll need to do some Illustrator post processing anyway.