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Improve Image Quality in Generated PDFs

spivurno wrote on 2012-01-24:

This service is fantastic. I'm using the HTML to PDF API to generate a PDF on form submission. The PDF is generated from an HTML template which includes both background images and regular HTML images. Everything renders very well except there is some slight blurriness to the images.

Are there any tips or suggestions for improving the image quality? It is pretty good as is but I would love if I could get the clarity a bit sharper. :)
support wrote on 2012-01-24:

Try the trick described here in the "Provide High Resolution Images" section. It should make the image appear sharper.
spivurno wrote on 2012-01-24:
Hey there,

I'm using the latest version of the API so the "pdf_scaling_factor" is already set to 1.0. Additionally, I'm viewing the PDF at 100% and I'm assuming the second tip about providing higher resolution images only applies to making the image sharper when the user zooms in? I tried that last tip of setting the HTML Zoom to 500; however, I was unable to detect any noticeable difference in the images.

Anything else I could try?
support wrote on 2012-01-24:
The second tip should actually improve the image appearance even at 100%.

Try to paste the following code to and check the resulting PDF. The second image is a higher resolution version of the first image.
  <img src="" />
  <img src="" width="275" width="313"/>
spivurno wrote on 2012-01-24:
Thank you. I will work with that. :)