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Export Google maps

brz00ro wrote on 2010-07-13:

please I need export page with javascript of google maps. But this part doesn't work.
You can see page on:

Thank's for help. Roman.
support wrote on 2010-07-13:
Romane, here is a pdf created from your page in our dev environment:

The dev code needs some more fine-tuning and we plan on deploying it to production sometime next week.
brz00ro wrote on 2010-07-14:
GREAT! Excelent, very thank's.

support wrote on 2010-07-23:

While we are getting satisfying results[1] in our dev environment there are still some glitches in our production env. For some yet unknown reason the map is always zoomed out regardless of how long we let the javascript run. We will continue working on it.

brz00ro wrote on 2010-07-26:
I have little mistake with bad coding (not utf-8), Now ok.

But 90% PDF document not create calculate route....
this google function return nOK

I trying sleep, setTimeout but it not by time.... but somethink down. Do you have log of error on javascript function of your dev?

support wrote on 2010-07-26:
Thanks for the info. However, it does not seem to be a problem on your end.

Currently, we are trying to find an optimal (and correct) way to call scripts after a page is loaded. There is a lot of factors involved and as you noticed the results are nondeterministic. We will keep you updated on the progress.

As to your question: no, we do not have support for tracking javascript errors at the moment.
support wrote on 2010-08-19:
Update: Unfortunatelly, we are not able to get deterministic results from your page in our production environment. It is possible that we will get back to it in the future but we decided to put it on hold for now. Sorry.
brz00ro wrote on 2010-08-25:
Is possible to use your develop server or another solution, that will work?
support wrote on 2010-08-30:
No, we do not provide access to our development environment. As mentioned before, it is possible that we get back to this issue in the future, but we can't offer any other solution at this moment.
brz00ro wrote on 2010-09-14:
OK, can you tell me time?

Week, Month, Year? More then Year?