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Text Splits Vertically Over Two Pages...

partrick10009 wrote on 2012-01-20:
I've been having a recurring problem with page formatting. When I convert web pages to pdf files, the last line of text on the page often is split vertically between two pages. The top half of the line of text appears at the bottom of one page and the lower half of that same line appears as the first line on the next page. I've tried many of the settings but nothing seems to correct it. Perhaps I just haven't figured it out yet. It often happens when printing articles from the NYT site. I'm on a MacBook Pro running Lion.


support wrote on 2012-01-20:
This problem sometimes occurs with multi-column layouts. If you encounter this issue it may help to convert a print version of the page instead.

A web page may offer a link to its print version or if there isn't one you can try to enable the "Use the print version of the page if available" option in the conversion options dialog.
rebellion wrote on 2012-04-17:
That happens to me as well, when using the API to convert web pages. In my code, I force Pdfcrowd to use print stylesheet. Do you have any fix for this?
support wrote on 2012-04-18:
Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this.