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[SOLVED]Error Explanation Please

mikectrl wrote on 2011-12-07:
I am receiving the error: "Pdfcrowd Error: Unsupported URI scheme"

the URI is formatted as:

What am I doing wrong and what can I do to correct the issue?

Thank you in advance
support wrote on 2011-12-07:

our log shows that you tried

To get rid of the error the URL should be prefixed either with http:// or https://
mikectrl wrote on 2011-12-07:
Thank for you for the response, and looking this deep into it.

However, I did change the pathing for the URL as you suggested.
Now the new error is:
Pdfcrowd Error: Timed out. Can't load the specified URL. List of the resources that can't be loaded: http://X.X.X.X/opencart/index.php?route=product/product

Can I not pass arguments in the URL like I am trying?
We are wanting to use this service, and purchase substantial amount of 'tokens' for the service. However, I need to have the proof of concept working before we can dive into the service.

Thank you again..
mikectrl wrote on 2011-12-07:
I have found the error of my ways... thank you for the support.
support wrote on 2011-12-07:
You use a 10.1.x.x IP address which is a local address. It is a part of network, Class A private IP address block (not routable on Internet).

The service can convert only publicly available URLs.
mikectrl wrote on 2011-12-09: just brain dead right now this week... was working of my dev box