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Google Visualization

mohannad wrote on 2011-11-08:
PDF does not render Google visualization charts. Only loads a google JS plugin error message "Your browser does not support charts".

I'm talking about

Any way to get this working?
support wrote on 2011-11-08:
Google visualization charts use <iframe> which we do not support at the moment (this is on our todo list).
mohannad wrote on 2011-11-08:
Found an alternative. If you're using Google Visualization & want to display just the charts in the PDF, just replace:

var chart = new google.visualization.LineChart(document.getElementById('your_element_id'));


var chart = new google.visualization.ImageChart(document.getElementById('your_element_id'));

ImageChart is the "image" equivalent of the interactive charts.
support wrote on 2011-11-08:
Thanks for sharing the tip!
vizalizer wrote on 2012-04-26:

I'm a new customer (I'm paying, not the free trial) and I'm using several google Charts in my documents. Some of then don't display. These are the errors:

1) Result of expression 'c[Ia]' [null] is not an object.

2) Your browser does not support charts

I guess this should been fixed (the same old requests are at least 5 months old).

PS: If I use it works perfect.
support wrote on 2012-04-27:

support for <iframe> (and so Google Visualization charts) is not ready yet. We plan on implementing this within a next couple of weeks.
vizalizer wrote on 2012-04-27:
This is a must for me. I really need this support, otherwise I have to leave.
vizalizer wrote on 2012-05-05:
Hey, please let me know when this issue is solved next week, I will highly appreciated. Thanks.
support wrote on 2012-05-07:
The fix is not available yet, we will let you know once the issue is resolved.
vizalizer wrote on 2012-06-11:

Is this issue resolved? It's been 6 weeks since I asked for it.

I really appretiate any help with this, thanks
support wrote on 2012-06-12:

unfortunately, we had to postpone the implementation because of several higher priority issues that we need to resolve before this. We are not able to provide a time estimate at this moment but please rest assured that we definitely want to provide iframe support as we have more users requesting it.
support wrote on 2012-07-04:
Update: Google Visualizations are supported now (except the ones rendered using Flash).