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Support for intranet web application while using PDFCrowd api

amrit22 wrote on 2011-10-15:
We have hosted web application in intranet network which is not available at public network because of that PDFCrowd api is unable to convert that web page into PDF.

Could please suggest how i can resolve this issue.

support wrote on 2011-10-16:
Hello Amritpal,

an option is to use the convertHtml() or convertFile() methods. They allow you to upload your html code instead of passing a URL.
amrit22 wrote on 2011-10-17:
Thanks for your quick reply.

I have explored convertHTML and ConverFile method. These methods are not fully successful while converting html page to PDF
As I understand the reason is CSS files and images are not available at public network because of that PDFCrowd api is not able to resolve the CSS and images.
Now could you please suggest how we can resolve such issues?
There is another catch in our intranet application. They authenticate Http request with window logged in username/password and then open any webpage and images as per their right.
So we are also looking for the same support from PDFcrowd API.
support wrote on 2011-10-18:
You can pack together your html page, CSS files and images to a zip file and upload it using the convertFile() method.

As for the authentication, we support the basic authentication:
amrit22 wrote on 2011-10-21:
Thanks for update.

From my point of view, this is not perfect solution which you are suggesting.

From any organization perspective, they might not be in favour of sharing their CSS and images files.
Ideally you have to think out the ways by which intranet application can be tested using PDFcrowd service.

Just a suggestion, if any customer is happy with PDFCrowd service they can even plan to buy out this product otherwise it will be hard for them to take any decisions.