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URL to PDF doesn't work because of special charaters in the URL

sayme wrote on 2011-10-02:
i'm currently trying to install your "url to pdf service" on my portfolio and i wanted to purchase it. but it seems that you're script has some issues with some special charakters like: '#'.

Here's a example:
When i'm trying to save a pdf of: I will get a pdf of

But when i'm trying to save a pdf of: I will get the right pdf! (but i gonna loose some site functions like the thumbnails etc. on the website).

Hopefully there's a way to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot!
(sorry for my poor english)
support wrote on 2011-10-02:

the Save to PDF Link uses HTTP referrer to get the address of the webpage to convert. According to the HTTP specification, the referrer must not include a fragment (the '#' character). So it is not technically possible to create PDF from URLs containing '#' using the Save to PDF Link service.