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URL to PDF link not working like demo

proceo wrote on 2011-09-21:
I added a url-to-pdf link to a test page on our site, to see if we could use it to produce PDF's of our student's certificates for them to save rather than just printing.

When I click on the link - which is identical to the demo link - it loads rather than prompting me to save the file as the demo does. The page that I am trying to test is one that is generated by a perl cgi script (so I can't use your API, since perl cgi's are not a supported type), but the resulting page that is generated is basically an html page - nothing more. Could that be why it isn't working - because the URL is not an html page but rather a cgi-script that generates the html page? I assume the referrer would need to have the entire string that includes parameters used to generate the page in the first place - does it have access to all of my URL string or just the domain?

I'm probably not explaining myself very well. I'm just trying to understand why the url-to-pdf link on my test is not working the same as for the demo you created.
support wrote on 2011-09-22:
Hello, please post the URL of your test page that doesn't work with the url_to_pdf link and we will look into it.
proceo wrote on 2011-09-22:
I believe I answered my own question with further research. For one thing, the page I want to create as a PDF is a secure page, which I assume is an issue. Plus, it requires a cookie to identify the person requesting the certificate copy after logging in, so there is no way to generate the certificate JUST with the URL.
So, it makes sense to me why it isn't working - I just have to figure out a way to use it without disrupting the security measures in place. I'm not sure it's possible.
Thanks for your time!
lanceclack wrote on 2011-10-24:
I am having the same issue, it was working last week but today I just get the website when I use the 'url-to-pdf' link. This makes me nervous as we were intending on using this for our organization for thousands of users
support wrote on 2011-10-25:
Please, post the URL of the web page that doesn't work. We will look into it.
lanceclack wrote on 2011-10-25:
you can't access the page I'm using, it's internal. But try the example link from:

This link below doesn't convert the current webpage to pdf, it just loads

<a href="">Convert this page to a PDF</a>
support wrote on 2011-10-26:
The link requires the page to be publicly accessible. It will not work for internal pages.

Does this demo link work for you?