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[SOLVED] Euro symbol disapears while using Google font Droid Sans

alumbrados wrote on 2011-08-03:
The euro symbol disapears while using a google font.
It doesn't matter if you use the actual character or the html entity.

The html version works fine in chrome.
support wrote on 2011-08-04:
The euro symbol is not present in that font. You can simply verify that by visiting this page in Chrome - right click the euro symbol and select "Inspect Element" - you will see that it is typed using Arial whereas other glyphs are typed using Droid Sans.

To print the euro symbol to PDF, please use sans-serif as the fallback font:
font-family: 'Droid Sans', sans-serif;
alumbrados wrote on 2011-08-08:
Sorry for the late response, but you were totally right