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Need to make PDF for the logged in user

udhaya wrote on 2011-07-27:

We are developing the application in Ruby on Rails
In our application certain page is access only for the logged in user.


Usermail >
Password > udhaya123

and only if i logged in to the application i can see my page like > www.domain-name/profile/1

If I access the "www.domain-name/profile/1" with out logging in to the application it will redirect to my login page.

I used my below link in my profile page.
"<a href="">Convert this page to a PDF</a>"

so once i logged in to the application and moved to the profile page i can see this link.
But when i clicked this link it takes the PDF > but it is giving me the login page screen not my profile info as PDF

So how can i achieve this, is there any way to pass the username and PWD as params to get my profile as PDF.
support wrote on 2011-07-28:

the Save to PDF link cannot convert web pages protected by a login.

As far as authentication is concerned, the service does not support session/cookie based authentication. It supports Basic Authentication only.

Perhaps, an option for you could be to use the API and the convertHtml() method.