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Controlling line breaks with non-breaking spaces

vemcg wrote on 2011-07-17:
The good news is that after beating my face unsuccessfully against wicked_pdf for days, pdfcrowd has rendered my document on the first try.

The bad news is that pdfcrowd doesn't seem to honor (at least some) HTML entities, specifically  

I have a mix of section headers including some long ones that tend to wrap at narrower page sizes. In the HTML, I have been controlling this by generating these headers with non-breaking spaces rather than real space characters except at the few places where I am willing to see these lines wrap.

This has been working well.

Unfortunately, pdfcrowd does not honor the   entity. Instead, it fills the first line to its full width, breaks where it pleases, and leaves a short fragment on the second line.

Any ideas on how I can fix this would be most welcome.

-- Vern
support wrote on 2011-07-18:
Hi Vern, please could you post an example of a header that does not wrap as you expect? Thanks.
javierisaai wrote on 2011-07-20:
I am unable to post a new support request message here in the forums. What's up?

-- I was finally able to post the message, though I had to remove special characters from it, which I had typed for you to see the root of my problem. This is the message I created.