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Link to PDF renders different PDFs with browsers

kizmar wrote on 2011-07-08:
I'm testing out the "link to PDF" method for a client. We have to support IE7 & 8 for their office, however I've been testing on Chrome and Firefox as well.

The PDF that's rendered when created through IE7 is different then one created using Chrome or Firefox. Does the "link to PDF" method somehow use the browser's rendering engine to create the PDF, or is that all server-side?
kizmar wrote on 2011-07-09:
This seems to be a bigger issue then I had originally thought. I can't set up an IE specific style sheet to compensate for this because PDFCrowd's engine hits the page as "webkit".

Is there any insight as to why creating a PDF from IE7 would look quite a bit different from the same page created through Chrome?
kizmar wrote on 2011-07-09:
It appears that the biggest difference I'm seeing with PDF's created through IE7 & 8 as opposed to Chrome or Firefox, is that the later seems to scale down the web pages. Text looks smaller, sized div's are smaller.

Is it somehow creating PDF's at a different resolution when done through IE7 & 8?

EDIT: I'd be willing to provide an example, but I can't do it publicly. Support: let me know if I can send you additional info to test in a private channel.

EDIT 2: Also... even though I'm passing a width=8.5 and height=11, it's still doing landscape sized PDF pages with IE7 & 8...
support wrote on 2011-07-10:
The output should be always the same regardless of the browser type. The only information used is the referrer which should be the same for all browsers.

Please, send us an example to