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Google Fonts

brianz wrote on 2011-06-06:
I've seen another thread where you mention that the @font-face selector is supported, but when I convert a page using the Google Font API, I'm not getting the selected font, just a standard sans-serif.

Is there an extra step I need to take to get the Google Fonts API working with pdfcrowd?

support wrote on 2011-06-06:
The @font-face selector itself is supported, but Google provides fonts in the WOFF format which we don't support at the moment.
brianz wrote on 2011-06-06:
Thanks for that - any plans to support it in the future?
support wrote on 2011-06-07:
We will likely look into it.
support wrote on 2011-07-02:
We added support for the WOFF format.
brianz wrote on 2011-07-02:
You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!