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Save to PDF Link - password protected WP

tilenp wrote on 2021-04-19:

I have bought the "Save to PDF Link" domain lincense and it worked fine.

Now we locked the website with username/password (Wordpress) and now it doesnt generate the content - just the login screen...

Is it possible to send username/password via "Save to PDF Link" or how can i get aroud this?

Thank you in advance!
support wrote on 2021-04-19:

The Domain lincense does not support password protected pages.

It can be done by our API (setHttpAuth method)
or by our Save As PDF plugin for WordPress.
The plugin has Http Auth setting also or you can try it without setting password and using "Conversion Mode" Upload or Content, or "Auto Use Cookies".
tilenp wrote on 2021-04-19:
Thanks for answer.

I have tried the plugin for WP, only the free version (didnt buy license yet), but I'm having trouble with css..

I have "Use Print Media" enabled but it doesnt work...

But "Save to PDF Link" works - it styles my pdf - "//"

Am I missing something?
support wrote on 2021-04-19:
Please try to change "Conversion Mode" to Url on the "Behavior" tab.