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<div style="page-break-after: always"> not working

callen wrote on 2011-05-10:

I'm trying to use <div style="page-break-after: always"></div> to add page breaks in my pdf files. It doesn't seem to work - help!

I will email you an example html file to FYI, I am using these pdf crowd settings in my php code:

Thanks, Charles.
mesposito wrote on 2011-06-15:
I am also having an issue with this. The snippet:


</td></tr></table></div><div style='page-break-after:always;'>&nbsp;</div><table width=725px><tr><td>
Does not break the page between the tables.
support wrote on 2011-06-15:
Please, could you post complete code of your document or send it to

Here is a working example which inserts a page break between two tables. You can try it out here
<div style='page-break-after:always;'>&nbsp;</div>
mesposito wrote on 2011-06-16:
Support thanks for the reply. The full file is 3 meg - is there an alternative way to send?
support wrote on 2011-06-16:
Just zip the HTML file and send it to