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HTML to PDF API - HTTP: Error: 452

acesario wrote on 2021-03-22:
This is my first day with pdfcrowd, trying to use HTML to PDF API - HTTP , with html code from SnapLogic, hoping for it to be sent back from the API as pdf

Trying a very simple example:
<html> <body> Hello World! </body></html>

I am able to connect to the api, but it does not seem to recognize the json document "Error: 452, reason phrase = No Input Specified"
I have my http post to send as multipart/form-data, though I'm not sure if I'm including the html correctly. I can post this a number of ways.. application/json, text/html, etc.

Is this possible to post html, and receive back a pdf file?
What am I doing wrong?
Are there any examples using http post?
support wrote on 2021-03-23:

Yes, it is possible to make multipart POST request with HTML.
Please send a screenshot of your REST Post from SnapLogic to